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  Ideally, as a researcher and manufacturer of a product like paper, automotive plastics, cosmetics, paints and coatings, and outdoor goods, your goal is to provide the best products you can offer so that your consumers are happy and willing to stick with your products providing you with future business!

This means your products need to be strong and stabile -- an automotive or marine plastic which does not become rapidly brittle succumbing to cracking, a cosmetic that will protect the skin from burning rather than amplify the sun's harmful rays, and a paint which protects the wood or metal while, at the same time, does not fade a year or two after it was applied!

Enter the world of UV absorbers...

There is now a growing class of compounds called UV absorbers, sometimes also referred to as UV light stabilizers. These compounds act as interceptors to ultraviolet light absorbing it as it attacks and preventing it from starting the destabilizing reactions which can damage cells and destroy plastics. By adding UV absorbers to your products, you can significantly prolong their useful lives and even help protect your customers directly.

Here are a few examples: automotive and marine plastics (internal and especially external) like body panels and dash boards can be prolonged by greatly reducing both color fading and brittleness. Cosmetics and skin care products such as facial creams, hand lotions, powders, base-makeup, lipsticks, hair-care products, and tanning lotions all can serve the user by reducing the transmission of UV light to the skin. The yellowing and drying of paper and photographs, which we associate with age, can be substantially slowed. Textiles like swimming suits, camping tents, boat seats, and T-shirts can keep their colors and new appearances for long, long times, and finally, paints and coatings like polyurethane can have truly extensive lives by slowing the color fading which makes them look shoddy and by the inherent added feature of protecting the base material (such as wood) from its own UV light breakdown.

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