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  The Ultra V program is a truly beautiful piece of software both in its design and in its ability to assist the user in some extraordinary ways. By now, you are likely aware of the real importance of adding UV absorbers to your products, however, choosing the right absorber is not a simple task without a program like Ultra V. This software is a powerful combination of data, graphs, and calculating tools which help pave your way by doing much of the difficult work for you.

Let us say, for the moment, that you have created a product which is susceptible to UV light attack at 350 nanometers so you want to add a UV absorber to protect your product at this wavelength. Immediately you face the obstacle that not every UV absorber is strong at 350 nanometers, however, you can turn to Ultra V and use its graphs and search capabilities to quickly generate a list of possible candidates.

Next comes barrier number two. What happens when your product is consistently exposed to high temperatures (magnified sunlight, curing ovens) or even a one-time high-temperature curing process? Which absorber can you add that will stand up to the heat too? What about color? You might have a clear product for which an added UV absorber should not also add a visible color change. And how about mixing? Will these candidates properly combine with your product or leave you with a gloppy mess? Ultra V has further information - TGA, absorber appearance, and solubility data - which can provide you with these answers too!

Naturally, your list of workable absorber possibilities will become narrower as you review the data. This is a good time to bring some samples into the lab, and Ultra V can help here again. It has a cross-referencing feature which provides you with information on multiple manufacturers who sell identical products under different trade names. It even shows manufacturer contact information to help get you in touch with them so they can provide you with the samples you need.

Then, when you are ready to test some practical applications, the built-in Beer's Law calculator is an easy, enjoyable way to try a varying range of UV absorber concentrations in your product allowing you to fine tune UV light absorptivity to suit your application's needs. You can even use it to determine the cost effectiveness of UV absorber addition in the manufacturing process.

For example, say that absorber A costs $50 per unit and absorber B costs $100 per unit, but absorber B is 5 times more potent requiring only 1/5 of a unit per application! This makes absorber B's cost only $20 per application -- a significant difference! Then, some additional fine tuning may reveal that stopping 99.8% of UV light transmission requires double the amount of a particular absorber than when you choose to stop 95.5% of the UV light transmitted at a particular wavelength. You could cut your absorber consumption in half and still retain the same relative effectiveness.

This gives only a few examples of the great difference Ultra V will make in your work. There are many, many ways to use this software program to your advantage which is why it is so critical to arm yourself with Ultra V! Now, what products are you developing today, and how are they being affected by ultraviolet light? As you work with UV absorbers, bring Ultra V into your lab (even load it onto your laptop). You will then have one powerful tool at your fingertips as you need to reference the various information. Talk about convenience and power all in one! That is Ultra V!

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