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 Ultra V
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  What if you could reveal hidden treasures in your work by locating uv absorber samples, calculating batch mixing and coating quantities, and discovering your project's cost effectiveness with ease and on a moment's notice? How much more efficient would your work become? To what great heights could your project soar?

Ultra V, originally released in 1997, is on the second major release of this truly impressive laboratory program. With the next exciting upgrade due out in May of 2002, this powerful database and calculation tool covers the complete realm of ultraviolet absorbers useful in polymers and plastics, paints and coatings, cosmetics, clothing, food packaging, frontier, and other industries!

Because it was designed for all research professionals from project directors and investigators to lab managers, the advantages of using Ultra V 99 are wide-spread! You will find it easy to visualize and select the proper UV absorbers for your research needs. It will help you locate the absorber manufacturers, calculate coating and batch mixing quantities, determine cost effectiveness, understand uses and applications, and much more. For more detailed information on Ultra V 99, please click on the links above.

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