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General Overview
Who Should Use ELEMENTAL?
Product Specifications
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General Overview

ELEMENTAL Basic Element Window The ELEMENTAL program v2.05 is the most comprehensive periodic table program available for today's industrial chemist, laboratory researcher, and student. Continuously updated, the ELEMENTAL program currently boasts listings on 112 known elements with over forty data traits on each element.

ELEMENTAL 3-D Orbital View Its unprecedented 3-D wire frame images of all sixteen hydrogen-like wave functions provide an extraordinarily unique feature to the ELEMENTAL program.

Multi-element Comparison Graph Combining these features with the ability to view multiple elements side by side allows ELEMENTAL to stand far ahead in its class!

Multi-element Comparison Graph
Because this is only a sample of the true power of the ELEMENTAL program, we happily invite you to download the demo.

Who Should Use ELEMENTAL?

ELEMENTAL is beautifully suited toward academic and industrial researchers, teachers, and students of various ages. The high level detail contained within the analytical fields makes ELEMENTAL an excellent reference and problem-solving tool, while the visual images and explicit descriptions provide a powerful learning mechanism. This program truly must be experienced to be fully appreciated!

Product Specifications

Atomic Number and Mass
Atomic, Covalent, and Ionic Radii
Boiling/Melting Points and CAS Registry Numbers
Chemical and Reaction Properties
Conductance, Density, and Electron Affinity
Crystal Structures
Name, Symbol, Family, Group, and Period
Ground State
Heat Capacity and Heats of Fusion and Vaporization
Historical Information
Ionization Energy to 3 Levels
Isotopes and Natural Occurrence Information
Magnetic Susceptibility
Oxidation States and Physical Characteristics
Standard Entropy, Potential, and Thermal Conductivity
Toxicity Information
Valence Shell Information
Visual Imagry, Comparisons, and Graphing

Runs Under DOS and Windows 95/98/NT
Mouse, VGA Graphics, 2 Megs. Hard Drive Space, and Windows 95/98/NT, or Windows / DOS with XMM are Required


ELEMENTAL is available for $54.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling (US Funds). Multi-user and academic discounts are also available. We look forward to hearing from you!

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